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We’re going virtual

After careful consideration of the evolving public health concerns regarding COVID-19 and the new Omicron variant, we have decided to cancel our in-person presence at CES 2022.

AARP’s mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age — and AARP Innovation Labs is marching toward this mission through technology. We accelerate and amplify early-stage startups that are developing solutions for the biggest challenges people face as they age, which has become more important than ever since the start of the pandemic. At CES 2022, we’ll bring their stories, products and missions to life.

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OATS is helping older adults learn to use and leverage technology to transform their lives and their communities.

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Step into our virtual village to experience the real-world challenges and solutions our startups are focusing on across five key aspects of aging communities:

The pandemic emphasized the power of community and these startups are helping forge remote connections between people across generations to combat social isolation.
  • Beeyonder is a marketplace platform that connects users with interactive virtual travel experiences and expert-guided tours. It opens up new cultures and destinations for aging populations and those with disabilities or conditions that prevent them from traveling.

  • Kinoo provides live video chatting enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) -- creating a family-friendly space for interactive activities and games. This startup drives connections between grandparents and grandchildren by allowing them to interact and collaborate on projects and games via tablets and smartphones.

  • Gameboard has launched a tabletop console gaming system that hosts hundreds of games and allows users to interact and play together across the globe. 

The past 18 months completely disrupted healthcare and these startups are answering the call for technology to remotely monitor and care for aging patients. 
  • Embleema has developed a unique technology platform that accelerates personalized medicine by expediting evidence generation and regulatory reviews of new treatments and other health products.

  • Folia Health has developed a patient and caregiver-driven Health-iOS (Individual Operating System) that enables individuals to take an active role in their care. In addition, this system tracks insight that contributes to precision diagnostics, patient-centered drug development and better care for complex diseases.

  • Tembo Health is a digital health platform for seniors with a mission of improving health outcomes and creating a healthier, happier population. Tembo Health partners with senior care communities and leading clinicians to provide residents with high quality care through telemedicine.

  • MindMics has created earbuds and a mobile application that capture, analyze and deliver important health metrics. This digital health startup is focused on providing actionable health insights for all through user-friendly monitoring, biofeedback and machine learning. MindMics will be at AARP Innovation Labs’ Eureka Park booth.

  • JoyLux is a leading femtech company whose mission is to help women find delight in their lives through all the phases of menopause. This startup offers high-tech devices, digital tools and products that address menopausal-related health concerns such as incontinence, dryness, sexual function, hot flashes and other common physical changes. JoyLux will be at AARP Innovation Labs’ Eureka Park booth.

People have had to adapt to taking care of themselves at home -- both physically and mentally. These startups are offering smarter solutions to guide aging folks along their wellness journeys.
  • Ompractice is a digital wellbeing platform focused on increasing access to holistic health, wellness and mindful movement. This platform makes real, effective wellness possible for those who experience geographic, economic, and inclusivity barriers, and is currently used by students of all ages, large corporations, massive health systems, and even the U.S. Government.

  • Mighty Health is the first digital exercise, nutrition and wellness platform designed specifically for people over the age of 50. The startup provides access to a personalized wellness experience, including live coaching, nutrition content, preventative check-ups and workouts, and celebrations milestones with family members.

  • ZIBRIO, which was originally developed for astronauts, provides scale technology that accurately measures weight, balance and fall risk in 60 seconds. Based on 15 years of research, ZIBRIO’S precise balance score predicts if you will fall down in the next 12 months. Its accompanying software then guides you to improve with personalized recommendations and care.

The pandemic strained personal finances and put millions out of work. These startups are helping aging populations better manage finances and budgets, and effectively plan for the future.

  • Genivity has developed a platform that tracks and predicts genetic health risks to help financial advisors better serve their clients.

  • Goalsetter is on a mission to promote financial literacy and equality for everyone by creating the next generation of savers and investors. This is a black woman owned startup that is becoming a movement toward smarter money management.

  • Trust & Will is the most trusted name in digital estate planning. The startup’s mission is to help as many families as possible create a customized plan to fit their needs, their life and their legacy.

As we stayed home to stay safe, aging folks were forced to live independently. These startups are providing them with the tools needed to safely age in place.
  • Braze Mobility has developed the world's first patent-pending blind spot sensors that can transform any wheelchair into a "smart" wheelchair. This technology automatically detects obstacles and provides the user with feedback through intuitive lights, sounds and vibrations. Braze Mobility’s mission is to help millions of wheelchair users around the world navigate boldly, independently and safely.

  • Camino Robotics is developing first of its kind “e-rollators” to help the millions of people who struggle with walking or fear falling stay mobile, active and more self-reliant.  Camino uses power, sensors and AI to make it easier for users to live independently and maximize their opportunity to age well.

  • De Oro Devices is a new startup focused on developing non-invasive, easy-to-use solutions that improve lives and increase mobility. The startup’s first device, NexStride, combines research-backed visual and auditory cues into a small, portable accessory that can be attached onto any cane, walker, or walking poles to improve mobility. NexStride by De Oro Devices will be at AARP Innovation Labs’ Eureka Park booth.

  • Tellus combines advanced sensors with AI to predict and analyze the health of a person in a room without the use of wearables or video cameras. This non-invasive wall-mounted device measures and delivers actionable health data in real-time including heart rate, breathing rate, sleep, falls and much more from up to 5 meters away.

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