HomeFit AR

HomeFit AR is an augmented reality app created from the solutions in the AARP HomeFit Guide.

Turn where you live into a "lifelong home."

The app enables users to scan a room and discover what improvements can be made to turn where they live into a “lifelong home.” The app identifies design elements and appliances like refrigerators, sinks and stairs then provides additional information with specific “to-dos” or fixes to help make the home safer, more comfortable and a great fit.

The idea for the augmented reality app was born from AARP staff member Miranda Kemp, who pitched her idea at AARP’s All-Staff Summit in May of 2019. Miranda’s idea won and within the months following, the product development team within AARP Innovation Labs worked to bring the product she envisioned to life.

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How it works

Scan the room

Using your iPhone or iPad's camera, the app scans the room and recognizes design elements and appliances

Discover improvements

The app offers tips and suggestions to make the appliances and design elements more accommodating in the home

Implement solutions

An assessment report is provided with a checklist of "do it yourself" items and those that are best to be completed by a hired professional

Try out HomeFit AR

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