Our Products

Our products within AARP Innovation Labs fall underneath the categories of health, wealth and self. 

What we do at AARP Innovation Labs may surprise you.

But, why we do it is even more important.

Innovation goes beyond age, gender, ethnicity, race, and background so, aging isn’t just about our physical health; it’s also about our emotional/mental well being, our financial resilience, our environment, our relationships and much much more.

We strive to address aging challenges from multiple angles.

Our Process

Our product development teams run like full speed mini-startups based on a human-centered design model where they transform intimate human insights into new products, services, and experiences from idea to conception.


We talk to consumers - real people - to understand their pain points and focus on bringing innovative approaches to work.


We make ideas come to life through rapid prototyping, sketching, and design thinking.

Test, Learn, Repeat

We take our prototypes to real people to test and refine based on feedback. We continue this loop until our prototype is addressing the consumer's need.


After development and proof of concept and beyond, our team works with an extended team of AARP’s highly intelligent resources to take these new solutions to millions of people.

We may be isolated, but we don’t have to be alone. AARP Community Connections is a new website that offers steps to find help – or give it – during the coronavirus pandemic. At a time when people are self-isolating, the website connects you to support in your community. It also enables you to join or organize your own online mutual aid group to stay connected, share ideas and help your family, neighbors and those most affected by COVID-19.

Alcove was built to help break down the barriers of social isolation. It is a virtual reality platform that connects family members across generations by bringing them together in a world filled with immersive experiences. Deepen bonds and create new memories with your loved ones as you journey to new places around the globe, share photo memories, travel the globe, relax with immersive mediation, engage in health and wellness activities, watch AARP shows or simply sit on your virtual couch and catch up – even when you’re physically apart.

HomeFit AR is an augmented reality app created from the solutions in the AARP HomeFit Guide. The app enables users to scan a room and discover what improvements can be made to turn where they live into a “lifelong home.” The app identifies design elements and appliances like refrigerators, sinks and stairs then provide additional information with specific “to-dos” or fixes to help make the home safer, more comfortable and a great fit.


During times of loss, Savo makes it easy for a community of people to come together and support a loved one. By answering a few questions, a task list is generated and tailored specifically to the needs of the family going through loss. From here, friends, family, coworkers and other members of the community can be invited to volunteer for tasks to help the person experiencing a loss.

AARP Innovation Labs is looking for the world’s best developers who are passionate about finding ways to enhance the quality of life for women, before, during, and after menopause. We’re seeking a science-based approach to wellness and assistive technology, including AI, electronics, software, industrial design, and psychology to enable prime time women to live theirbest lives.

In this challenge, we’re calling our worldwide community of engineers, designers and creative thinkers to solve perimenopause and menopause symptoms. How will you create a non-invasive physical solution that tackles the symptoms of menopause, giving women a sense of control? Find out how you can participate in the challenge and learn more by clicking the link below.

Confetti brings people together around moments that matter by making it easy to create a collaborative keepsake book. Confetti is unique because you can have an entire community of family and friends submit photos and messages all in one place, making it faster and easier to create a meaningful gift for someone you love.

While we were able to help many people during our beta period, ultimately we did not feel like demand was strong enough to warrant launching a mature product. We plan to take our learnings and use them in future product trials.

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Let’s Be Well Boxes were expertly curated boxes designed to empower those living with a chronic condition to take care of themselves – on their own terms. After a successful series of pilots the project is being evaluated by AARP for further potential expressions. We are excited to see how Let’s Be Well might influence AARP’s customer engagement strategy in the wellness and lifestyle space.

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Vested in U was a pilot product of AARP Innovation Labs that helped businesses find retirement programs to offer employees. While we were able to help many people during our beta period, ultimately we did not feel like demand was strong enough to warrant launching a mature product. We plan to take our learnings and use them in future product trials.

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