Startup Engagement

As part of our commitment to innovation and solving big issues, we collaborate with startups and established companies to spark innovation that spans generations and empowers people to choose how they live as they age. While we work to solve many large issues internally, we have expanded our reach by working with an external community.

Why is AARP collaborating with startups?

We engage the external startup ecosystem to bring and scale the best solutions in market. We sponsor and host pitch competitions and collaborate with accelerators around the country to identify the best startups, discover big ideas, and bring them into the Hatchery Ventures program to scale and change how people live as they age.

We engage with startups in stages, to identify collaboration opportunities in order to co-create products and services that transform markets and change lives.

What are the benefits of collaborating with AARP Innovation Labs?

Invitations to attend and present to potential investors and business customers at an annual demo day at the Hatchery.

Access to AARP’s top innovation talent for guidance in strengthening key elements of their solution features, benefits, and business models as it relates to an ageless design and the 50+ population.

Up to 25 hours of feedback, counsel, and technical support from AARP's Innovation Labs staff around the start-up’s progress.

Access to top tier consumer testing resources, including the world’s largest platform for professional learning, comprising of more than 600,000 thought leaders and practitioners on demand, including business leaders, scientists, academics, former public sector leaders, and the foremost subject matter specialists.

Access to consumers who will provide qualitative feedback around the value of the startup's product and ageless design to the 50+.

Invitation to prominent networking opportunities, where AARP Innovation Labs has a presence and where the start-up may be introduced to other entities that may have an interest in their products, including potential investments.

We work with a multitude of startups at different stages and many are invited to be apart of the Hatchery Ventures Program, where a deeper relationship with AARP may result. The goal of the Hatchery Ventures Program is to help startups identify a strong market and product fit to increase the opportunity to impact people who want to choose to live how they want as the age.

If you're a startup looking to work with AARP Innovation Labs, now is your time!

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