Spring 2021 Demo Day

You aren't going to want to miss the next big names in AgeTech

Each quarter, AARP’s latest batch of startups present their solutions that impact the aging space. 

During our time together, the startups have worked on product validation, user testing, design and UX development, go-to-market strategy, and pilot exploration. Demo Day is a celebration of all 17 startups – their product and their commitment to disrupting how people live as they age. 

Program Schedule

3:00 PM EST: Event Opens 

3:10 PM EST: Caregiving and Aging at Home Startups

3:55 PM EST: Mobility and Healthcare Startups 

4:40 PM EST: Savings & Planning and Social Connection Startups

5:30 PM EST: Exhibit Floor Closes 

What Types Of Companies Are Exhibiting Today?



Kinto is a tech-enabled care coaching service that supports family caregivers coping with Alzheimer’s and other serious health conditions.

Inspired by its virtual community and collective support, Caregather has its sights set on solving the senior isolation epidemic and in-home care crisis with micro-adult day cares in the homes of local seniors.

Thriving.ai™ is an AI enabled platform that brings an integrated data driven solution to caregiving driving engagement, improved quality of care & cost savings.

Aging At Home

Tellus You Care 

Tellus is making an impact by bringing new technology to eldercare that empowers elders with independence and caregivers with the right data at the right time.


Ōmcare is a digital health company that aims to change the way the world cares by extending the reach of caregivers, increasing medication adherence, and improving treatment outcomes through the power of remote care using interactive video

Minka Homes & Communities

Minka delivers design-forward, wellness centric smart homes and communities middle-income people can afford, helping older people and their communities of care thrive.


Braze Mobility

Created the world’s first patent-pending blind spot sensors that can be added to any wheelchair, transforming it into a “smart” wheelchair. Our system provides multi-modal alerts to the user regarding location and proximity of obstacles through intuitive lights, sounds, vibrations.


Marketplace platform offering live and interactive virtual travel experiences for people that have disabilities or conditions that prevent or inhibit travel.



ZIBRIO provides measurement-based fall prevention. Originally invented for astronauts on the moon, ZIBRIO technology provides an easy way to measure weight, balance and fall risk in 60 seconds.


Winner of 25+ global health awards, Litesprite’s, digital therapeutic games for chronic condition patients deliver data-driven insight to clinicians.


MindMics is a digital health company focused on providing actionable health monitoring for all through user-friendly monitoring, biofeedback, and machine learning. The current product is earbuds that capture health metrics plus a mobile app.cardiac and neurological monitoring is as easy as listening to music.

Savings & Planning


Putting thousands in your pocket today and millions in your pocket tomorrow – with no change in behavior. We’ve invented a new way to refinance student debt. We reduce our customer’s monthly payments 25-50% AND automatically invest part of every payment for their retirement.


HomeZada is an all-in-one digital home management software app that helps people save money and be organized with managing their largest financial asset, their home.


Goalsetter is on a mission to promote financial literacy and equality for everyone by creating the next generation of savers and investors. Dubbed as the smartest money app for the whole family, Goalsetter is a black woman owned startup that is becoming a movement.

Social Connection

Daily Haloha

Daily Haloha is a simple daily routine of collective reflection. Look inward, share outward. It’s like breathing, but with empathy as the oxygen.


BuzzClub is a social learning community for adults 50+. Our live, online workshop series are designed to engage older adults both mentally and socially to drive real health benefits.

Big & Mini

Big & Mini creates mutually beneficial, generation-spanning relationships through phone and video calls so help people feel just a little bit more connected even while apart.

Looking to connect with the exhibiting startups?

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